Extension Own Coverflow


Extension Own Coverflow

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1. Explanation
Extension Show absolutely your own custom cover horizontally with amazing animation.

2. Features

  • Design your own your desire Cover
  • Infinite Cover will be looping.
  • Reduce Memory leak with LRUcache System & picasso lib

3.Methods, Events and Properties

  • Property

image :point_right: Set each cover height

image :point_right: Set each cover width

  • Events

:point_right: Listen when Cover Flow scrolled.

:point_right: Notify that Cover flow Scrolled into new Position.

:point_right: Cover clicked return data information itself.

  • Methods

:point_right: Start with register of HV Arrangement layout target.

:point_right: Build Structure of your own design, remember the container name empty string means Component will add to main layout.

:point_right: These methods set the main container adapter item what orientation and alignment you really wanted

:point_right: Go to cover position value.

:point_right: Customize the Cover Flow with the combination of these Methods.


Thanks to :

  • Stackoverflow forum
  • Github
  • This community

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