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Inspired from @Lml_DLGdo

This is an small extension to send onesignal notification from your app itself.

  • Create an onesignal app, after setup,
  • Get your api key , app id from here




Set appid, apikey as got from onesignal to extension

Create your own segments or use buit in

please note the spelling and capitalisation must be correct as in onesignal

Notification titile

Notification body , It is combulsory

Accent colour
Sets the background color of the notification circle.
Eg (Red): FFFF0000

set your favourite icon for app icon set it to ya

Any direct image url or image in your app.

Direct url to an image
Any url

OneSignalSend download

com.jerin.onesignalsend.aix (9.5 KB)


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Thank you

Jerin Jacob

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@Jerin_Jacob great. Does that use a php script??


NO , it’s not

Jerin Jacob


Yes. Typo. Fixed post.

What I meant is that: does your extension invoke a server php script to send notification? I think your answer in no.


This is excellent! exactly what i need. However how do I check if it is listening already?


Useful extension.
Are you planing to include the “LED COLOR” and “SOUND”?
Thank you.


I will look into it .


When try ext i receveid " no MEthod named ‘Send’


Maybe red code is FF0000 not FFFF0000 :slight_smile:


Great extension. @Jerin_Jacob I am using this in combination with @wanttobe chat extension for a chat application. Is there a way to exempt the sender device from receiving the push notification.

Right now, I am thinking the only way is to unsubscribe the sender just before you send the push and subscribe again after push is sent.


There are two ways,

  1. Create blok (like button or menu) to Set subscription to false.
  2. Use User tags


I have tried the first option and set subscription to false before I send notification but i still get notification because i think it takes a little while before unsubscription is registered.

There is no user tags in the OneSignalSend extension. How do I use this?


That is so really very great so much :smiley:

Thank you from wkwkland.


have you read this page ?


Hello, I am a beginner and would need a complete example of an application that uses the com.jerin.onesignalsend.aix extension. A single screen to send text to another application. To complete the information of the Forum. Please inform the cost of this.


Can a screen be opened?