Extension idea - notifications


Can we implement with/without firebase a notification feature within the app. So when a user opens the app he/she can see all the latest notifications!

PS - i mean like facebook notifications, but not so advanced ofcourse.


That would require background tasks which obviously currently is not possible.


This isn’t necessarily notifications. You can use Web component to invoke serverside (e.g. php) script and get latest notifications that hook to a backend database (e.g MySQL). You’ll need to use TinyDB so that you can store information so that user doesn’t get duplicate messages.

It gets a little involved. To benefit everyone, I’m thinking of putting together a sample app/tutorial together.


With a firebase, you can do this easily as the server side. As for inside the app, you can use maybe Custom List View, or webview if you need beautiful dropdown like Facebook.


@picanapicana as @Hossein said for now you can use a Web component to call a php script and get
something like this:


@Lml_DLGdo you are awesome. Can you put together a video tutorial for this and also on implementing onesignal via another app?