Extension EMAIL SMTP


Extension EMAIL SMTP

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1. Explanation
Extension which Allow you to send email from email host (GMAIL AND YAHOO TESTED), can sent Plain Text with multiple attachment support or HTML Format.

2. Features

  • Multiple Attachment
  • HTML Format
  • Run Async(Background)

3.Methods, Events and Properties

  • Property

image :point_right: Set HOST of Email Provider

image :point_right: Set Format email, can set as HTML

image :point_right: Set Port of Email Provider

  • Events


:point_right: Notify when Email Sent.


:point_right: Notify when Email Not Sent.

  • Methods


:point_right: Method send E-mail with attachment list, create Empty list to not attach file


:point_right: Set Your mail(sender). Note: to send via app you must set less secure off your email account

Thanks to :

  • Stackoverflow forum
  • This community

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thank you for your contribution
I now added your solution into our list Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


can you please give me that ?


This community is not for begging for extensions. If you want to contact the developer do it via pm not in a topic.



I got an error while sending a email:

Could not connect to SMTP host: smtp.office365.com, port: 587; nested exception is: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Handshake failed.

Can you help me fix it?


Is there anybody ???