[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



See attached for AppyBuilder DynamicComponent extension. It’ll allow you to dynamically create Buttons, Labels, Checkboxes, TextBoxes, Images on the fly. Get it HERE

NOTE: This is only Version 1.0. We are looking for inputs / ideas for enhancement

Test the .apk here: DynamicComp.apk (2.1 MB)

Get the sample .aia here: DynamicComp.aia (16.5 KB)

Below, we are creating 3 Buttons with some Button Text.
Then, wen a button is clicked, Using its Clicked event, we determine the clicked button and perform some action; e.g. opening specific site in WebViewer

Sept 11, 2017 - We have updated the DynamicComponents extension so that now you can pass HTML text for Label and Buttons. To get effect below, pass text like this:
<font color=red><big>red bold and large</big></font> dynamically set,<font color=red><big>Button red bold and large</big></font> dynamically set

Sept 17, 2017 - Updated to include blocks to dynamically add Tabs to top of screen.
Usage: Can be used like menu options for opening new Screens
Companion BUG - After Tabs are added, companion keeps showing them, even if you change to new app. This is ONLY on the companion. Restart companion for new projects.


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very good!!!
thank you,it is a greate extension!
i will try it tomorrow…


i find “removecomp”,could add “addcomp” method?


Use CreateComp block. Is that what you are asking?


@Hossein Hi! I’ve a problem:

In “List values”: i’ve to take the values from the texts of other labels, i put a “join block” but it didn’t work. What can i do?


It’s because they’re not comma separated. Add a textbox with “,” between them.


Conor said to seperate list values with ,. You cannot join Lbnomeweb & lbfraseweb. You have to join lbnomeweb and , and lbfraseweb


Sorry my ignorance can you send me an example?
I did this:



@Manuelxx your label has htlm tags?


No the LB_fraseweb and LB_nomeweb have a tag and a value (TinyWebDB)


All the blocks:

It’s an app to share phrases (In the screen1 there’s a login form and here you can write and share the phrase)

  1. For testing purpose, hard code label values and see if you still get the errors.
  2. You only have 2 labels. Are you sure you want to use this extension rather than actuallabels??


@Manuelxx did you try the sample .aia that was provided?


how to change the bottom font typeface?i want to define the bottom’s ttf file.


Yes I’ve tried it and it’s perfect
I think the problem comes from the TinyWebDB


No! I resolved it! :smiley: Thanks for all


@MiuMiu Currently you can’t change the font type. You’ll be able to change size, but not font


Congratulations on the great work! It would be interesting to have the option to change the height and width of the created item.


@Juliano glad you like the extension.
If you change font size, it’ll automatically change height.

We’ll definitely add those options in future release


Many thanks Mr. Hossein!