[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



maybe you can try DynamicCompanion Extension v2 created by @Ken


My Extension DynamicCompanion doesn’t work with images at this time and I currently don’t have plans to add any features to it.


I have noticed the update. Thank you


Hey @Hossein is there a way to remove all the components I’ve dynamically added in the past without having to loop over them with the RemoveComp block? I’d like something a bit more simple to simply ‘clear all’ if that’s possible. Thanks!


I believe you’ll need to Re-Open the screen, so something like this will work:

I added the Open/Close ScreenAnimation Blocks to minimize the screen opening and closing effects.

Note: If you aren’t loading them on Screen.Initialize you can skip that block.


Hey @Ken thanks for the update there, that was helpful!

Do you have any suggestions on how best to update existing components? My project involves creating components based on user input, and they will need to update from time to time, but if possible I would prefer to update in place rather than remove the component entirely, but I’m not seeing too many ways around this with the given blocks.

Either way - this extension is a much needed part of being able to make sensible apps, and I’m really happy that it exists at all!


What do you mean by “update existing components”?


i have a silly question
the block “set size” accept numeric values like 50, 100 etc

what is this number? and then, if it is an absolute number, can cause problem in different devices?


how to set sizes of images?


Congratulations for this extension. I’m using it in my new application to build interfaces dynamically. I have created some textboxes and I would like to assign texts manually, but not during the creation of the textbox, but I would like to be able to insert a text when an event is activated. A setText property is needed. Is it currently possible to do this?
If this is not possible, could you implement this function? I am willing to make a donation to have this possibility.
Thank you.


This component is one of the most important for AppyBuilder, I find it fundamental.
I hope as soon as possible to write what I’m doing.

I ask to implement a very important function that is the “GetComponent” in order to return the component indicating its id. If I have the component I can use it with the anycomponent method and set some properties that are not now manageable.
What do you think ?


Hello everyone and sorry if I write my question again, but I have not received an answer. Is it possible to insert the getComponent function in this extension? This would be useful to use it with the AnyComponent function that allows me to set up multiple properties currently not present in DinamicComponent.
I imagine that in the getComponent function, I pass a list of IdComponents and gives me a list of components.
I am aware that if in this list I have different components and I use anyComponent for a given type I can have problems, but this is manageable by code.


I don’t believe this is possible in the way that you are envisioning.

What types of properties are you wanting to set?


At the moment I do not have problems not solved using this component, but it would be much more convenient to get a list of the components created, to integrate the properties of any component, for example setfont, settext. Some of these are not manageable with DynamicComponent and DynamicCompanion, but I must say that these are two excellent components and I thank the authors.


hi, will be ever possible to create arrangements too in which create buttons, label etc?


Explain what you like to do


I think he wants to be able to create horizontal and vertical arrangements with the DynamicComponent component. It is a requirement that I have, but I solved many by creating many and setting it as invisible
In the image below there are labels and textboxes created with DynamicComponent to which I can read a list with the information of the elements to be created and create them automatically and insert them in existing horizontal arrangements, but I wanted to create the arrangements during the execution app


yes, i’d like to create some arrangements in which i put buttons, images and textboxes…

look at this example

maybe something like that


hi, is it possible to add a number only property to the textbox?


Can someone help me with the dynamic component .CreateTabs, it’s always put me a runtime error when i do export it and open it on my cellphone, don’t know why? Im using the same code as the previous tuto…