[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



i used it before can not change height and width. you just can change size. simply write a number then you will get it.example : size = 90


How difficult would it be to provide blocks that get the component corresponding to a particular ID in the DynamicComponent? So you might have blocks for getButton(id), getLabel(id), getCheckbox(id), getTextBox(id), and getImage(id). With these blocks available, you could then use the Any Component blocks to change all the standard properties of these components.


I also face the problem of altering size of a dynamic component (button). I hope devs will add this feature soon. Trying to explore this superb extention, I found that property Component.SetSize refers to font size.


agree with the size of component…i’m creating textboxes but they do not fit the layout…


any new about the size of component?
indeed a very good extension…


How to set Size of component? Any updates?
Any idea on how to make 100 buttons in 1/4th of screen. Displaying 1 to 100 on it.


is it possible to make dyn comp work with tablearrangement?


I just started working on an extension that will give us more options.

You can find it here:


can you please add sprites to canvas dynamically as per https://community.appybuilder.com/t/programmatically-add-sprite/16071/4



will it be possible that we can create dynamic layout elements like horizontal and vertical layout?

also any solution for styling or alignment for this boxes?


Not at this time.


hi, should be possible to use icon font with label and a lost focus event on textbox created?


Hi, is it possible to add a block to control the checkbox after the creation? For example to generate a CheckBox already checked, or to change the color of the checkbox (when I generate a checkbox, it is black and I can’t change that color)


You can change the color with these blocks:

To my knowledge Checking/Unchecking isn’t currently an option.


Already done, but the checkbox remain black.

Checking / Unchecking would be useful though, maybe the extension could be upgraded?


Hi @Hossein, Great Work!
One question, does it suport slider creation?
Thanks for sharing!


How to Use it with Images? The images that are generated are too small


Again as in the other topic. What are you trying to do.


I am trying to Generate a List of Images From a Database


Very useful. After different trials, I noticed that setting size in call DynamicComponet1.SetSize, refers to font size, which in turn affects the component dimensions. Now, we have the possibility to directly affect dimensions.

If it could be possible, I would like in the future, to modify an image on the component.