[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



guys is there any latest version of this extension ? or just v1 is available till yet


it seems abandoned…


I just hope this is not the case. :thinking:
I think it would be a very useful extension.


It’s not abandoned. What updates do you need? :slight_smile:


Has the Shuffle issue been fixed?


@Thomas_Leavitt we have made updates to shuffle block. However it requires additional testing and isn’t ready for release :frowning:


Many other types of dynamically created objects.
It would be a real revolution that would open many new possibilities.

Is it possible?


@Roccocogliano that would make it very complex. What is your specific requirement?


ListView, ListPicker (normal and custom), Toggler… for example.

that would make it very complex but powerful
… or not?


Sprites generation would be very useful!


yea this what i also want to know how to fix width and height of the component


With this extension do the dynamically generated components stay even when app is closed again and opened or do they have to be generate every time the app is opened?


@HarshHC no difference between this and other components. Just create a procedure that creates your dynamic components. Then in screen1 initialize block, call you procedure


possibility to create arrangements…


sir im again asking how to use the size block of extension? @Hossein
I want to set the width and height of dynamically created image component.


@hitesh let’s see what we can accomplish by this weekend


great. and maybe my request too :smiley:


grate extension. any news about fixes?


Any update on this great extension. I would like the ability to dynamically create horizontal arrangements.
Vertical arrangements would be nice, too.


Hello, I want to change color for text of tab, so what much i do? Thanks for great extension