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hi hossein
is it possible to set the number of elements (button labels etc) by user action?

i mean, in my app the user choose all persons who lives in rome, and i wan create a button for every person…can this app set the number of buttons based on user selection?


found the solution if the number of elements are not fixed


do not know if someone is interested, but made a procedure. and it works


@Diego_Marino Thanks for sharing


worked two hours… :smiley:


just polished everything…now the procedure has only two sockets, deleted all the useless global variables


hi @Hossein
sorry to bore you about that, but i have a problem.
as you can see i’m using this procedure (a bit changed now) to make buttons in two arrangements…in the first all ok, in the second buttons do not have white background. why?


Hello all ,
I have a suggestion and it would be really helpful if it is implemented. suggestion is that this extension should have ability to copy the existing horizontal or vertical arrangement components for infinite times along with the components present inside the horizontal or vertical arrangement component.
just like instagram …lets suppose the image and like button are present in vertical arrangement component and when user reaches screen end, the exact same copy of vertical arrangement component should be created.



there is no need to use nested initialize local variable blocks…
use the mutator to have them all in one initialize block


yes, you’re right…


if i understood, you want the possibility to make a listview using this extension

i’m working on it, maybe it’s possible, maybe not


found the wrong, i suppose. i have to add a global variable that stores ids…otherwise the procedure generate only a series of ids


i don’t get how to use "set size"
the number i set in the socket, is a percentage? pixels? and is it for height, or width?

is it possible to create arrangements?
and more, if i have no values, what do i have to set in values?


At this time, the extension doesn’t include size feature



then, i just didn’t get the use of this block…


I didn’t know about that block. I’ll check into the code and post back


hi @Hossein,

i want to ask some stuff

  1. could you add arrangements as dinamic component?
  2. could you specify “set width” and “set height”?
  3. could you add “set text allignment”?

How to dynamically create layouts? ( horizontal and vertical )

how did you resolved it??