[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



Wow! @Hossein, that’s so quick. You guys are blessings to lots of plug and play like me. I just hope to be able to create extensions some day. We’ll gladly wait for it; tomorrow is already here. Thanks alot:smiley:


@ubakasi Dynamically created 1 button and 3 text components using 1 block! It will allow you to use html font in Label and Button. Looks good to you?



Sure @Nickon that’s going to be superb. On the same page with @Hossein right?


Yup they are on the same page.



We have updated the DynamicComponents extension HERE so that now you can pass HTML text for Label and Buttons. To get effect below, pass text like this:
<font color=red><big>red bold and large</big></font> dynamically set,<font color=red><big>Button red bold and large</big></font> dynamically set


Sir how to create tab block


@nandu_aeer blocks were posted at top of this thread.


Sir ill try same one but not working


@nandu_aeer. What api level? Also post screenshot of your blocks


How to add items in label from dynamic textbox


@nandu_aeer Again, please check top of this thread. There is a sample .aia that you can use to start. It also includes adding labels


Well, really interesting and a wonderful premise to future development (sprites would be for sure a candy!). But is there a way to set e.g. width /height of label, button, image?


Hi Hossein,
Thanks for your extension.
Is there any way to remove DynamicComponent without knowing the id

I would like to have procedure to clear all the dynamicComponent that has been created.



what about setting height and width of created components?


@Gabryk we can add this. However not sure how to represent it using blocks. If you have idea on how to show in blocks, let us know


maybe you can add it in the CreateComponent method, as a list of height and a list of width (the same as ids etc) or you can add a separate method to which pass the id of the control and height/width value.


So, what I’ve noticed is that you are using fontsize to determine the size of the components. Would it be possible to be able to set their specific heights and widths? Or get their height/width? It would make it much easier to use them in programs.



  1. Ability to set height and width for buttons and labels.
  2. Ability to set images for buttons and labels…
  3. Want new components named “images” to form dynamical images.
  4. Ability to set arrangement to form layout for the button and labels.like horizontal and vertical


Is this wishlist possible to make??


@Abdul_Maajith We are reviewing this for a proper design. What makes it complex is that DynamicComponent extension includes ability to include many different components. So the design has to be in a way that a block would satisfy all new components. We are checking into it to see how we could implement this