[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



I need to show five or six similar dynamic components in the screen, Actually i want to fill these components with the info in my blog.


Please give me one example. So that i can understand properly how to use Multiple Arrangements in a Single Dynamic Component.


I don’t think you can do that with DynamicComponent extension. However you should be able to use ListviewCustom for that.


Btw, next release will include ability to change font size and image size for listViewCustom

  1. Create a horizontalLayout that will hold the three components

  2. Create a horizontal or verticalLayout that will hold the image

  3. Create a verticalLayout to hold the two labels

  4. Build the block as shown below


Sir how to get this call parse textbox


There is a GetText block that takes a List of IDs and will return a List of result. Is that what you are looking for?


Sorry sir i didnt get i want to know how to get this blockIMG_20170908_173627


is “parse” your procedure?


Ok thank u sir …


You can understand this as if the button is developed, then I want to use its background image too.


Currently, for DynamicComponent extension. You can’t assign background image to Button


I can just say amazing work, would like to create web viewer dynamically, everything else is already possible to make.


A WebViewer can take URL address. Therefore, you can just have 1 webviewer and conditionally pass it different URLs. If this doesn’t meet your needs, please let us know


No, this is the problem. There have to be multiple web viewers having different urls, that’s why I need it to make wv dynamically. :wink:


i would like to make create layout dynamically, please let us know it’s possible ?


Hello Hossein, making dynamic labels and buttons render html could be a nice one. It will go along way helping in helping to set background and text colors and images on the components.


@ubakasi Sure, I believe we could do that with no problem :slight_smile: Maybe we could release the extension update by end of this weekend


That’s really going to be cool. Thanks for these great works


@ubakasi we already made the updateto extension :slight_smile: Will post updated extension by tomorrow