[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



If the font can not be changed dynamically,maybe could add font option when creat?and hope to define width and height by percent.


This is a great extension


@Hossein, interesting… I wonder if we can generate chat lines using this extension…


We might be able to. I’ll check into it


Hi Hossein,

thanks for great extension

What do type of input for argb on the SetBackgroundColor ?

I try with make color list, and it wont work



You can plug in Color block


Still wont work, gives an error


What are the list of IDs? What type of components?


Thanks, Hossein… Let us know the result… This open up a lot of new possibilities…:laughing:


ID is the variable from block When DynamicComponent1.clicked


Another question,

How do we set the checkbox Checked when DynamicComponent created ?

I successfully made dynamic checkbox,
now I need to set some of the checkbox item with Checked when the dynamiccomponent created


Did you see example .aia here:


Yes, I saw your example,
but I didn’t see any of function to make DynamicComponent Checkbox with the checked as default
or maybe I missed something in your example ?

thank you so much for your great extension


I believe you are correct. We’ll work on updating the extension to add that feature.


Great… thank you so much (y)


In this example, they used a Vertical Arrangement as container of the Dynamic Component.

How can be the Dynamic component be arranged in Multiple V/H Arrangements?


What is the way to create a Dynamic Components Arrangement look like this??


Will this group be repeated or is fixed?


Could not get you. What is that?


Why not use a table arrangement of multiple rows and 2 columns?