[Extension] DynamicComponent extension



Noted. Thanks for your promptly answer!


I Hope it will come with the next online version.


This something that I am trying to build using dynamic component. It has both vertical and horizontal arrangement. Any kind of help will be appreciated.


Hi I have just created a list using both Dynamic Component as well as Dynamic Companion. Basically it is a user-defined list and I have put checkboxes in front of each item based on the number of items. As the number of items in the list can keep changing so the no. of boxes in front of them also keep changing. Now I have managed to do that thanks to your brilliant extensions. But the issue is that I want to save this list till the next time I open the app and I want to save the state of the checkboxes as well…as in if they were checked or not checked. This is where I’m stumped. Please help!!


Use TinyDB and store the values.


Yes I’m doing that but how to store whether each checkbox is ticked or not? And then how to restore it back when you re-open the app?


Anyone? Please help I’m stuck on this!


@Hossein What would be really good is that there should be a dynamic extension for each component (if applicable), so when in the design view you hover over a component, a selectable option between fixed or dynamic should appear., If I choose a fixed component, this will work as usual and if I choose dynamic, it will work as a non-visible component as “File”, “Notifier1”, etc., I think in that way at view blocks, you could access all the specific characteristics of the selected dynamic component as you would for a fixed component, and that way you would avoid all this problem of being able to meet all known requirements of a fixed component using only a single generic Dynamic extension. Regards.


Hallo everybody,

I searched for an answer but still doesn’t find any… How is it possible to change the text of eg a label or button after creation???
The only solution I’ve found is to delete all the elements and recreate them all, even if only one element has changed.


Hello everybody,

I want to show components (images) one by one with the delay (let’s get 200ms) . They are stored as lists. (urls)
Can you help me please…


I have never used images in this way and I’m not 100% sure I know what you are trying to achieve.


I want to load images of a gallery . they should load one by one with delay…


200ms isn’t much of a delay


I just get it. Ok will take 500ms instead. I’m stuck here. Have you any idea…


Did you already solve this issue? I mean checked checkbox by default?


Actually I want to APPEND the items dynamically to component. Other things hope I can manage.
So I hope you may modify extension as you did v2. It’ll important to everyone.


Use the Clock timer and iterate through your list one at a time


I want something like this. So it should load infinite images in list one by one with delay. But this code is not working. ???


It should be < not >:


Hi friend,
It’s correct there, because ID is the changing variable and this is the stop clock.
Don’t think about other things. Could you please help me with Dynamic component codes… How to append images one by one?