Extension development needed


If your a developer would can create aix for appybuilder.
Please drop your whatsapp number below and i’ll contact you.
I need a custom aix.
Am ready to pay.
Please and Thanks.


You can post your question an details of your requirement here and users may be able to help out


The functionality of the extension is to detect when the home key and minimized key is pressed


you might want to use the tools extension and its ActivityStateChanged event

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It doesn’t have all the functionality. Once your using another app it can’t detect for you.
I want an extension than can detect when the homekey and minimizedkey is pressed


in the ActivityStateChanged event:
if state = pause
then home key or minimized key was pressed



Yes that logic is when my app was minimized.

Am trying to detect if another app.

Precisely YouTube app is been minimized.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks so much Taifun


sorry, this is not possible
App Inventor or Appybuilder apps are not really able to run in the background



noted ok thanks.
But is there any extension which can detect if another app is opened or closed?


no, because the same

also is valid for extensions


Please can you recommend an extension please?


NO IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, neither in App Inventor, nor Appybuilder nor Kodular nor as extension
you might find a solution in Android Studio