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Another extension of mine & Sivagiri_Visakan is ExtendedWebViewer Extension. It gives a lot of new functionality to current web viewer component. Let's users to download files within web viewer, allows users to enable oauth (so you could do google logins), you can catch errors that web viewer ran into, change useragent, detect when webviewer started loading page & a lot of more.

DOWNLOAD: com.ghostfox.moliata.ExtendedWebViewer.aix (14.6 KB)

Please HELP, HELP, HELP Upload File using Webview
How to can make login (to my app) with gmail or facebook
Exceeding the limit of 10MB: Downloadable files
Download Page In App
Can i use when webviewer got click then call activity stater
Exceeding the limit of 10MB: Downloadable files
Help Needed with web wiewer

NOTE: AfterReload event is not accurate enough, so it is deprecated. Use OnLoadingFinished event!


Great job with the extension. I just do not understand the requirements of the DownloadFile block.
It can explain that it should be placed in each part of the same
Thank you!!!
Or some example.


wow! congrats. i will try auth… because FirebaseUI for Auth is not supported in the current browser. than you


MimeType/UserAgent/ContentDisposition are unrequired/advanced users only. You only need url for example: https://google.com/file.png & filename for example: file.png


Thank you, don’t miss to set ExtendedWebViewer.WebViewer to WebViewer & use EnableOAuth block


how can i download files from any website using this extension


When this Extension is used , the Image Upload functionality of the webviewer is Not working…

example : 1) set web viewer URL to https://imgbb.com/

  1. link this extension to webviewer

  2. click on Upload Button of website

Nothing is happening… on trying to uplaod image

Then i Removed the extension & Tried the same…

this time mobile phone asked me to choose the image…

Is there any way to solve this Issue


same here bro…
in webview i cant upload image… i dont know what to do


How to use this extended component? is there any documentation?


same here, when this Extended Web Viewer is used, the “chose file” button doesn’t work


How do you change the useragent?

I keep getting a null object reference error.


Can you paste the error please, and any blocks related thereto?


Figured it out. Thanks though.


Do you know how to get file upload working in webviewer with this extentsion?


I used this extension… to download pdf files from google drive

after setting up everything, the file gets downloaded. but the format after download is not a pdf.

how can i solve this… help me please


is the format changed or just the file name


This extension requires permission for images, but I don’t need it. Is there any solution to block requiring permission for using just loading progress?