Exporting customized pdf file


I am experiencing a problem to export the data written in my app (description, date, name, …) as pdf. anyone can help how to solve this by extention or ready made aia file?


What is the problem?

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You are already being helped in the AI forum. Only post in the forum of the builder you use.


Dear Peter,
Thank you for your feedback. I am not a programmer and I have been using this tool for only 21 days with zero programming background.
excuse me for this but are you sure that I didn’t complete my exercise first?
I have searched and googled and the result is only openning a pdf file through your app which is not my case.
as far as I understand from your reply that the answer is there but I don’t know where as this is the first time to use this forum. thank you alot for your feedback and I do appreciate if you can guide me :slight_smile:


Because a lot of users visit multiple forums they come across a lot of double posting. That’s why you should stay with the builder you use. You asked first in the AI forum. This is the AB. Builders change a lot and are less and less comparable. Did you search this forum?