Exceeding the limit of 10MB: Downloadable files


Thanks for the example, @Adell_SE


This is what I looked for and asked him yesterday thank you


Hi, how are you? Is there any way that the download notification will not be displayed?


@Casal0x Since your question is not related to initial topic, please start-up new thread


@Casal0x I think the extension has an option to show or not the notification.


Hello, nice work.
It is posible to make this ext to download an entired folder of images ?


Hello, I am developer of ext, I can just recommend either making a list & downloading each file from the list or downloading a zip file & using @Taifun’s File extension unzip the file.


i have made projects with size more than 10mb using appybuilder. I think it is still possible


That is not possible at all, you will get an error if larger than 10mb size, because AppEngine can’t expand just for you :slight_smile:


the 10 MB is no fix limit… so in case there is not much traffic on the server, you might have luck to build a little bit larger apps…



Yea, but being lucky is sometimes a bit hard.


For the last 10 months I have used and published apps way larger than 10MB by using AI2 Ultimate with NO problems: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ai2u/files/ai2u%204.2/
I have even used it for updates to already published apps.


Cause ai2ultimate is local version. You are off-topic & we are talking about AppyBuilder…


Ben is correct. Offlines will use local version of Google app engine and don’t go through network communication.

Keep in mind that according to Google app engine, the local versions are not stable and you could lose all your work


Thank you very much. It works.


how did you can make project large than 10mb


how you can did this
it’s give me limit 5mb or 10mb


Why are you asking questions again? We helped you a lot. Still the same questions.


I don’t see the purple Call. ExtendedWebViewer1.DownloadFile piece. But I also don’t see how to add the ExtendedWebViewer from the designer. I only see " Webviewer" and then I don’t get the above mentioned piece. I have added the File component from the designer view. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks already for advice.

UPDATE: When I open the sample file I see the ExtendedWebViewer under Extension tab at the left. But when I open my own project there is no such extension. I see that I can import extensions?! So my question now is: where can I find that ExtendedWebViewer extension so that I might import it in my AppyBuilder?


Hoi Johan,

Welkom bij het AppyBuilder forum. Hier is een link naar de extensie.

English translation

Hello Johan,

Welcome to the AppyBuilder forum. Here is the link to the extension.