Example Create Extension RATING BAR DIALOG


Today with the company of @Carlos_Pedroza, we want to share with you a guide-through to develop your own extensions.


Extension developed by Andres Cotes and Carlos Pedroza to display a dialog that shows a rating in stars. The user can touch/drag or use arrow keys to set the rating. This extension is based on ThaiCreate’s method and the Developer’s Android Reference about Rating Bar and AlertDialog Builder.

https://goo.gl/Rc5rSk .java

https://goo.gl/VXjmE3 .aix

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@Andres_Cotes is your extension same as this?
RatingBar Extension





Looks very nice. Thanks


How will this rate the App in google play store?


@K_L, You cant. This rating bar is only for internal use inside app.


This really Helped a Lot !!!


Great work but the cancelText and acceptText sockets are reversed in operation. I was almost giving up on the use of the extension before i tried cancel and it returned result. Please check and fix in update.