Error with clock component


In recently my application shown an error with clock component.
This error shown only for first time when screen open.And i will never shown this error.
For that error, sometimes app would be crush. and application will close.
Sometimes this error shown everytime .
Please check my clock components and give me solution how to solve this problem.


Does this help?


i just using clock component, but it has every screen. i setting it but not solved yet.


Sorry I do not understand what yo are asking

What error?



Since you are unwilling to check through some threads regarding your issue, try this


Screen open Error multiple Screen

If i have 5 clocks.then i need to setup all clock timer enable to false and time always fire to false?
Then i need to setup all to true when i will timer/clock components?


Unfortunately yes, if you have timers/clocks and you are switching screens then follow my recommendation

Alternatively, you have to wait like everyone else until AppyBuilder fixes the error



When i want to enable timer then its need to set true timeralways fire?
This setting same for all clocks?


When screen initial timeralways fire false and timerenable false for countdown clock component.
When called set all to true. But why see this error.
I cant understand it properly.


What version of Android do you have?


Since I don’t see your project in front of me, neither do I.



I used 9.1
Same prblm in different version


Hmmm, I can’t help with 9.1 issues.


I already attached screenshot of clock blocks.please look it.


Same problem in lower android version.


Nowadays AppyBuilder has many issues like this, and I think this is the best time to update it with some more advanced features.


you are right. But i need to fix this problem. I can’t find any proper ways.


Unfortunately, there is no proper solution to your problem.


Just use the Chronometer component to detect the amount of time in millisecond between when it’s started and stopped.

It’s only an alternate solution.