Error when trying to update application on Google Play


How to fix it for necessary


@Hossein issues with & permissions. @mena please tell components you are using.


Use this


PushNotifications, I think is causing issues, try removing it. But @Hossein may come & help you too


I will remove it and I will try again and tell you


@Ben Why do you think its PushNotification error?
@mena Did you make updates to .apk using 3rd party tools; e.g. AppToMarket or ApkModer or … ?


I did not open aia file at all and I do not like editing it either


@mena In designer, what name did you give your app name? Did you change application package (in designer)


my app name is: tranim1
and my package is:
I did not change them at all


@mena Can you PM me your .apk?


@Hossein, because as I thought you have already changed service from Firebase. Sorry.


Thank God I have found the problem has been successfully updated

I will present the problem and solve it shortly to benefit everyone