Error when decompile with AppToMarket


Halo Mr. Hosein,
It’s been a long time since I last made an app on the appybuilder. So that I was left behind a lot of information and development, but now I had to back and develop an app that I had made.

What I want to ask: is APPTOMARKET 4.1 still valid to decompile? because when I try to compile get an error:

27Des2018_2252.03: I: Loading table from file resources: C: \ Users \ HP \ apktool \ framework \ 1.apk
27Des2018_2252.04: I: Regular manifest package …
27Des2018_2252.05: I: Decoding file-resources …
27Des2018_2252.07: I: Decoding values * / * XMLs …
27Des2018_2252.07: ERROR: Unable to decompile your .apk file


Get the latest APKtool and rename it to apktool_2.1.1.jar


That’s great, sir, now it works, thank you very much