Error occurred while analyzing the package


After download de .apk to my smartphone I try to install but I get an error immediately after click for install and get the following error:
"Error occurred while analyzing the package"
I try to install another .apk proyects and works fine.
In this proyect I am using the following components:

  • Timer
  • Sound
  • Firebase
  • TinyDB

How can fix it?

Analyzing the package

What if you build it again?


I try it several times but doesn’t work. I try another smartphone. But same problem.
You can download in the following url:


Same error. Maybe you aia is corrupt somewhere. Are all your sockets filled with values in the blockeditor? Or maybe post your aia.


I fix it but… Only work in MIT app inventor:

1- I export proyect to MIT app inventor
2- Delete some blocks with a strange commentand and create new ones.

  • I try the same in appybuilder and doesn’t work.
  • I delete all blocks in appybuilder and doesn’t work

Defently the problem is with applybuilder.


@Emilio941 can you PM me your .aia? I can try to figure out the issue


HI there.

I have had this same problem already twice and the more my application is developed it takes more time and effort to rebuild it from checkpoints.

It seems to take place with no apparent reason and the screens and blocks seem intact but still the application installations will report: [Error occurred while analyzing the package]

Any idea why it happens and how to correct what appears to be some sort of corruption without having to rebuild the application?

Thanks in advance.


Did you build your project in Appybuilder from scratch?
Have you changed your ApplicationPackage?


HI, yes from scratch.
I was doing some minor optimizations on both cases.

Did not change ApplicationPackage, do not know how to do it and what for.

In fact I am already rebuilding it from an older backup but as it is the second time it takes place I would like to learn how to prevent this problem and, even better, how to correct it when it happens.

As a clue, if I do test/live test the application fails complaining it could not post the data to the URL of my web server as if there was something wrong with the URL. But the backup works perfect with the same URL.



If PM me the aia I will check it.


Hi, here it is.

HydroFluxBAD.aia (335.0 KB)


Try the updated version: HydroFluxBAD.aia (335.1 KB)


Hi, thanks it now loads complete to the android device but fails here:

“… the application fails complaining it could not post the data to the URL of my web server as if there was something wrong with the URL. But the backup works perfect with the same URL.”

The same place as if in the original corrupted version I use live test.

If you want to try Código: RS75BP, click admin and type Senha=1234



It was not corrupted. You have changed the ApplicationPackage to a not compatible one. So in my updated version, I left it to blank which rests it to the default package ID.

Here is a different problem. You would need to open a new topic explaining in details with some screenshot.


OK, and what means changing the ApplicationPackage?

A I said I was recovering a previous backup and had implemented everything and the problem just happened again.

Then I opened this forum and saw your message above, went back to my app and removed whatever I typed at ApplicationPackage and the app loaded on my android phone but then the problem with the URL showed up.

In my app I have a URL that takes me to a php script that allows me to access mysql and that is precisely where the app is failing, just as the one you recovered by removing the ApplicationPackage.

I will then open a new a new topic on that.
Thanks for your help


Hi again, just an update.

What happened in fact is that the app lost contact with previous TinyDB fields it could see before the problem took place.
Somehow the problem with the ApplicationPackage caused this whole problem.

I will try to learn the purpose and use of ApplicationPackage, it seems that my lack of knowledge about the subject is the reason of all this problem.

Thanks again, you led me to this understanding
My app is back online.