Error occurred while analyzing the package


After download de .apk to my smartphone I try to install but I get an error immediately after click for install and get the following error:
"Error occurred while analyzing the package"
I try to install another .apk proyects and works fine.
In this proyect I am using the following components:

  • Timer
  • Sound
  • Firebase
  • TinyDB

How can fix it?

Analyzing the package

What if you build it again?


I try it several times but doesn’t work. I try another smartphone. But same problem.
You can download in the following url:


Same error. Maybe you aia is corrupt somewhere. Are all your sockets filled with values in the blockeditor? Or maybe post your aia.


I fix it but… Only work in MIT app inventor:

1- I export proyect to MIT app inventor
2- Delete some blocks with a strange commentand and create new ones.

  • I try the same in appybuilder and doesn’t work.
  • I delete all blocks in appybuilder and doesn’t work

Defently the problem is with applybuilder.


@Emilio941 can you PM me your .aia? I can try to figure out the issue