Error loading my app update


I have problems uploading the updates of all my app in the Play Store, I had done it before without problems. The error that is generated is the following:

Error in loading

You uploaded a signed APK file with a different certificate than the one used to sign your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. The certificates you used to sign your current APK files have fingerprints.


Which builder did you use the first time when you uploaded your apk.



I have developed the app with AppyBuilder as well as its updates without any problems so far


Did you by any chance delete the keystore.




Just export a keystore from one of my app, with the others I did not and they also show the same error when updating them.
Excuse my English


You can’t export keystore from a app, keystore is bound to your account.

Please answer my question as I asked.



Do not delete the keystore, export one of them, I did it from AppyBuilder
Excuse my English


If you didn’t delete the keystore then I’m sorry I have no clue why this happens.

@Hossein any thought on this.



Thanks, I will continue investigating


This really means it was somehow updated.


I have trouble updating all my app created with AppyBuilder.


You mean update for publishing new versions of your apps to Google Play Store?
If yes, as I mentioned, somehow you have overwritten your existing AppyBuilder keystore. There is only ONE keystore for all your apps


This could have happened, and how can I fix the program?


IF you have lost your original keystore, then there is no way to publish new versions of your existing Google Play apps.


Maybe the technical staff of Play console help me solve the problem, I think it is possible to create a keystore and replace the previous one.