ERROR installing APK



Hi, i created a small app it compiles correctly but when i go to install in my phone it say ; package installation program experienced a system crash

i tried to change package name but still same error, tried in other phone and it continues, can someone help me please?

Thank you


Did you change package name?


Yes i did, but still the same problem.


What is the exact package name?


i just changed to tools_lite


You need to have valid package name or just leave that blank


i changed name and i tried in blank, still no luck… :frowning:


After leaving blank, what error do you get?


i have allways the same error, with companion live testing everything works fine, it compiles without troubles to, i just got this error when i install the built apk, with or without package name.
Package installation program experienced a system crash


Please PM your .aia and I’ll check into it


just sent, thank you for your help


@Joel_Gomes The problem is that your app-icon is over 1/2 Meg in size and its size is 2800 x 2800 !! The icon has to be small and size of 72 x 72