Error in screen import


I need help. Try to import a screen into a project and I get an error when I try to open it, I did it four times and with the same result, the problem is that it does not allow me to delete those imported screens or open them. Does anyone know how to solve the problem? Thank you


What is the error you get? Is the screen that you import also generated by AppyBuilder?


Si, esta generada con appybuilder, esa misma pantalla la importe en otras aplicaciones y no hubo problemas, calculo que puede ser el tamaño de la aplicacion donde la estoy importando. En realidad mi problema ahora es como hago para eliminarla ya que no me deja hacerlo. te paso un screen para que veas


the image is from screen1


Yes, it is generated with appybuilder, that same screen is imported in other applications and there were no problems, I calculate that it may be the size of the application where I am importing it. Actually my problem now is how I do to eliminate it because it does not let me do it. I give you a screen so you can see


So to get it clear, you have now 4 imported screens that you want to delete from the project?


yes, because I also do not let me generate the APK, for those screens


Did you read this?



ok, that’s just the problem, it can only be eliminated when the screen is open. I can not open it because it gives an error. It does not allow me to do it, when I try it it shows me the background of screen1 and in the tab that indicates the active screen it shows me the imported screen


I’m going to try the solution that Taifun offered in that link that you passed. The problem may arise that is already published in play store and I am afraid that I do not update