Error in custom package name. App crashing while opening



Hey guys i changed the package name of my app and also changed the block value which is needed to be changed while using custom package name. but my app is getting crashed with these error while opening the apk file. please help.


The name of the list i want to open is - list
the name of my email address is :


@hitesh, are you sure this is a bug from Appybuilder side? I’ll move it to discuss for now.

What is your package name?


yes it is from appybuilder site ! u can see the screenshot.
my package name is :


Weird. Looks like your naming is okay. Do you write list screen correctly? Is it “list” or “List”?

Can you install your apk? When do the error happen?


i wrote everything currectly. even i removed the custom package name …still the app is crashing when the list screen is opened…the app crashes without even opening the screen.
i dont know what to do :neutral_face:


Same problem I have faced before. Still didn’t get any solution.



and with com.dafaqdevelopers.thunkableaia ?


please look at you PROJECTNAME and look out if it matches with the relevant part in the package-name.


I have a same problem, & I made several app without given custom package name. but now I can make it with custom package name. I learn through here.