Error generating Yail for screen 5770017069072384_Screen1


when i am tring to download my .apk file i am getting this error. what should i do?

my gold companion isnt working. when i open companion it says “appybuilder stop working”.


Do you have any warnings in your blocks? Check the “Show Warnings” button at the bottom left of the blocks editor.



theres no error


@Tazmir_Hossain Was your app imported from silver platform?


The reason it happens is because you took a file aia of makeroid And laying AppyBulider


Error generating Yail for screen 5557235470041088_menu: : Cannot read property ‘type’ of null. Please fix and try packaging again.

same error i got why i dont know please help me


i got same error in my project


hello i got the solution of this problem is that you use toggle not switch ok


You need to check and make sure you don’t have any errors in the blocks edit; such as blocks with empty sockets


I got the same error. I checked the block they are all fine (no errors or warnings)


Try to delete your switch.
It happen when you change switch properties.
I don’t know, maybe its bug.


@andicktri can you provide a simple aia to show this issue?


@Hossein Please take a look at my post.


@Hassan maybe something went wrong and switch definition got corrupted


here is the solution

just delete your switch (notw-keep your bloks as it is)
again insert your switch in same place.

than click on save project
and the build app

thats it problem solved.


Qual é esta plataforma “Silver”?