Error compiling apk file with old keystore


Yes Hossein.
This is the situation :

  1. Old app published on the store, apk processed with apptomaker in which I inserted the x keystore with its password.
  2. The app has been updated in these days, the keystore x has been inserted by ai2, but I am mistaken

I probably need to enter the password in the keystore, but how do I enter it?


I answer myself.
I didn’t do community research … forgive me


No issues. Glad its resolved


I found my old keystore with its initial configuration saved on apptomaket, but when I load this keystore in ai2 offline and compile the apk it always gets 95% and this error comes back to me. What might it depend on?

_______Invoking ApkBuilder to build: C:\Users\enzo.DESKTOP-AF8LVJO\AppData\Local\Temp\1570217795840_0.6228674602213771-0\youngandroidproject…\build\deploy\televideo.ap
________Signing the apk file
YAIL compiler - jarsigner execution failed.


I add that even starting a new app and entering the keystore I get that error back. The keystore I regenerated with apptomaker, as I used it years ago.


What’s the?

  • Name of the keystore
  • Keystore Alias
  • Keystore Password



Name enfandroid
Alias enfandroid
Password *****


Default Name android.keystore

Default Keystore Password - android
Default Keystore Alias - androidkey

Everything else then default will not work



I do not understand. Can’t I use a name other than “android”, same thing for the alias?
But first I used the name “enfandroid” and the alias “enfandroid”, if I change these and sign my app with the new ones, will the apk be accepted on the store?


No you can’t, see below, the code is looking for file android.keystore, Password - android and Alias - androidkey

The keystore is the same whatever pass, key , name you use outside the appybuilder, but to make it work in appybuilder you have to use default as I mentioned above



Ok, but I can change the password right?
But according to you if I change the name and the alias, putting the standard ones and on the store I published with a keystore that had a different name and alias, will my new apk be accepted on the store?


Just try and see what happens



Thanks Boban for assistance.
I generated a key according to the standard parameters and accepts them, but my problem is that I have to make them read the parameters of my old keystore (name, alias and my password) otherwise the store will not accept them. Can I insert these parameters in some configuration files so that when it creates the apk it reads the parameters I set?

An alternative would be to generate the apk without the keystore from appybuilder and manually sign the apk with my old keystore, right?
If you know how to tell me the command to manually sign the apk?


Why make it difficult for yourself

Change your keystore to

  1. upload to appybuilder offline
  2. build your app
  3. upload to google play



I need to update an app for this I have to use my old apk.


I’m getting more and more confused about your issue



Forgive my English, I try to explain myself better:
I need to update an old app on the store. When I created this application I used apptomarket and signed my apps with a customized keystore. Now I can’t load this customized keystore on appybuilder because appybuilder wants the default name, alias and password. My problem is how can I update my app on the store?
I think you can change the compiling parameters of appybuilder by modifying the configuration, but I have no idea where to intervene.
The other solution would be to generate the apk without a signature and sign it with other means. If someone confirms my second chance, could you tell me with which tool or dos command I can sign the apk?
Thank you all.


I wanted to update you that I managed to update my app. I updated apptomarket (Santo Software) and signed my app with the old key.
It would have been nice to be able to sign appbuilder apps directly from appybuilder by entering your signature, so I’m surprised this isn’t possible.
I had to struggle a bit because I had to assign the same old package to the app, but luckily I managed.
I have to thank Boban who, besides this topic, helped me because another user had said how to revive apptomarket.
Thanks Boban.


I don’t understand why you didn’t follow my advice here already

Btw, may I know who this user is?



Boban, the app that I updated was not updated for 5 years, I created apps with another version of appinventor (so different package), but above all I signed them with apptomaker with my personal signature, since I started using appinventor at the beginning and I always signed my apps with dos commands.
To update this application I necessarily had to sign it with my old signature and to do it I had to use apptomarket again.
I had to update apptomarket’s apktool, otherwise I didn’t unpack the apk and I did it thanks to your reply to another user.
Thanks again and sorry if I wasn’t clear.