Error "Cannot find the component" (NOW apk WORK good)


thank you Ken, i was try to do like this, but it is not worked


Can you post your aia-file?


yes, can i send you aia sir?


Yes via pm…


yes complety crazy situation, all our app in new release is wrong working, the app is complety broken, what happening in new release that not working?
thanks in advanced


Well Jose,

Maybe tell what is happening with your apps else it will be hard to help.


Hi Peter, thanks for the answer, since yesterday morning I could not do well our app, many errors, does not work anything, it is difficult to explain all the failures, because they are many, now the gold Appybuilde not work as before.

I think before upgrading should you notify users, or give the option to return to the old gold appybuilder, not now, everything is crazy, I can not generate the. apk always stays at 100% and does not generate, all wrong.


Start a new topic and tell about what is happening. Use screenshots. If you can not explain it is difficult to help.


I see you are already talking about it in another topic. Don’t open to many new once and collect the errors.


Peter I open = [New Release not working]

(New Release not working)


He we are looking into release issues


In some message in here i seen one interesting think about names of post boxes, files of apk, components of apk. I changed all of it, delete all part of names with word “new” . And nothing happened. apk still not working normaly, showing errors message inside of apk.


you might want to elaborate


still not work unfortunately


Send my the link in a pm after you have put your aia on Google Drive.


I looked at your aia-file.

There was no Kitchensink component on the designer screen so i added it. It looks like the blocks where present but not the component on the designer screen. Why that is i dont know.

Some friendly advise:

You use 12 screens. That is much more then is advised.
It took me a long way to load because it is 8,1 MB in size.
The way you switch screens can/will cause problems. Read this how to switch screens.

Problem with application

Thank you Peter, i try your recomendations , may be it is help. But this apk was work fine before 15 martch, and broked with new wersion of appbuilder
thank you for your help


reduced count screens to 9, but nothing happened, still not working normally, remind apk worked good last years, everything began after 15 march 2019 years.
look like problem of new realisation is change screen to screen.
so , now we have one opportunity compilate apk. To make all programm strings on one screen. For large apk it is big problemm. Appybuilder owners, do something with it, or may be give us old worked version for example. please.


If you wish, you can PM your aia so I can take a look at it



Just wanted you all to know that issue is resolved

As precaution I added this

but the biggest issue was caused by