Error: Argument (package forrange-with-break)



Hello to all! I’m having this bug since today (saturday my app was working fine)
It says: Error from Companion: Argument (package forrange-with-break) to 'apply-to-args' has wrong type (java.lang.Package) (expected: procedure)

Any ideas on what to do? I haven’t changed the Package name and I don’t see any procedure misplaced or without any sockets un-filled. It appears to happen, only when using the for each number from 1 to 5 by 1 block. Also, I have reconnected the companion, and refreshed the page but it keeps appearing.


EDIT: It also appear when using for each item in list block and while test do block.

Also, I think it does what it needs to do, but only one time (the first loop)

Is there anybody have the same issue?
Problem after compile app: unbound location

Did you get companion 4.05?


No, I didn’t :sweat_smile: I will try again!


It works! Thank you!


If I build the apk, now it appears the same error:

Problem after compile app: unbound location

Yes I got that error too.

Works fine in companion but error after I build it.


i also have the same problem: "unbound location forrange-with-break"
it seams that there are problems with the for each loops…


i get almost the same but:


yesterday i didnot have this problem and now i haven maybe the update from yesterday something wrong with?


i change it to app inventor. there is no problem


The developers are still looking at the problem but it is night where they live so please be patient.


Yes, As Peter mentioned, we are working on this and are fixing this. We thank you for your patience


Only for information:
I have the “unbound location foreach-with-break” problem too.
Wait for fix. :wink:


@TF101, don’t worry, this bug is known.


I know
I meditate meanwhile :wink:


We have a software update and will be testing with markets who joined the power users group. After that, if approved, we’ll push the release publicly. I you have experienced this issue and have a app that you can test, you can join the group:


I’m having this bug too since yesterday.
There is any update when the fix will be


I’m having this bug too since yesterday.
runtime error “unbound location foreach-with-break”


same error here “unbound location foreach-with-break”

whats happening?


The same mistake for me


tengo el mismo error y necesito generar el apk para un proyecto :pensativo: