Error 902: screen not found: com.appybuilder.screen3


help me… I am tired using appybuilder


Sorry, but in your screenshots we can’t see if you have a screen called Screen3…

I think you’re confusing the Title of the screen, with the name of the screen…

Can you show or can you see something like this?

You have to use the button “Add screen…” to add a screen named “Screen3” (or whatever you want)


Remove application package name…


thanks bro… ya… . thats true the problem come from error package name to others screen. but its have work now


What about if I do not want to delete the package name? because I need that package name when updating my app in google play?

Notes: my package name is a different package name (not as appybuilder default package name).



Thanks you very much.


But I want to change the package name also…



go through the whole page and you will get your answer…



This is quite a disappointment.

The script knows all needed information in order to access the second screen (emailusername.projectname.screenname), so why is it not hard coded?

My plans to update my app are now on hold, and I hope the wonderful people at appybuilder give this their kind attention


Search forum for “package name”


Here we go again

This will only work as build apk



Thanks Hossein and Boban for your replies. I am honored to see people like you offering help.

I am fully aware of the options you stated, and can use them.

But let’s agree on them as a lengthy “work-around” to a solvable problem.


There is no problem, so why make it one. You just have to follow the instructions.


It is a problem, until you realize that there is a special “work-around” instructions.

I developed a perfectly working app while testing, but it fails once built and installed. I thought I messed somewhere in the logic of the blocks, or disabled some important components, but it wasn’t the case.

The ai2 code should have been programmed to consider all the possibilities, including that I have a non blank value for the package name, and I have more than one screen.

You may disagree calling it a problem, but for a novice developer like me, it is.


In Life, there are no problems, there are just solutions waiting to be found. :wink:


Seriously, ai2 is intended for simplifying app making. Piling up special problem solving techniques would not help in that direction.

I was frustrated for a couple of hours pulling my hair as why the app is not working on my mobile, while it is fine when live testing.


Please don’t get frustrated. You can make complex apps with any of the builders around but not everything you will find is easy as for any programming language. Just remember that you are probably not the first one with that problem. So just search the forum and see if you can find an answer instead of trying for hours and hours.


Truly said. :+1::ok_hand: Any problem we face is always already answered in the forums or on GitHub.


I confirm your statement.

However, I was under the impression that complains are welcomed, in the sense that they are opportunities for improvements. It seems to me now I was wrong.

An “appybuilder” string is still left in the code, and it shows up when more than one screen is created.

I am certain that it won’t take the wonderful people of AppyBuilder too much effort to smash that bug for ever.