Equalized Extension [Paid]


Hello everyone

this extension allows you to add an equalizer to our your project




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Andres Cotes


great job!
and as I can see, you are following the App Inventor color philosophy now! excellent!
keep up the good work!


Nice…is It Free???


Grate job sir
It’s also paid ?


Yes I build documents info price 20 USD


Interesting extension!
I understand all the blocks.
But how to save a preset under a name or a number? And where are they stored ?


the configuration can be saved in a tyni db



Ok, so I would add the current bands and values to a list and save it under a tag in a tinyDB. Then I could get the tag, parse the list in it and set the EQ values.
But then your 4 blocks containing “preset” don’t make any sense. Or I am getting something wrong here.


Preset is normal, jazz, rock etc , it are 10


A nice addition would be a block to set the source-player to be equalized.

I have two Players with different sources, a song and a voice track.
When I click “play” both players start.
Now I want to add an EQ in realtime only to the voice track. The song player is not affected.


yes extension just work one player


So how it is possible to set the audiosession ID?
E.g. that only player2 uses the EQ while player1 is unprocessed?


Is possible need change line code


Cool. If ready I will buy it.




That’s cool, thx!
Can you please add the paypal link.



I can’t get it to work on my device (samsung A3 2016, Android 7.0). These are my block based on your demo aia file you sent me.


priority 0
audioSession 0