Elements of new screen are dwarfed


Now what should I do?


Thanks Hossein!

Now I’m trying to sign with apptomarket with a “.ks” signature.

After processing with apptomarket, the app closes when running on the phone.

I use a personalized signature, this signature was made with apptomarket 2 years ago.

What is the process for importing a “.ks” signature to appybuilder gold?


I changed “.ks” to “.keystore” and made the import of the signature.
But it is impossible to compile, there is the following error:

App Inventor no ha podido compilar el proyecto.
El error de compilación es
________Creating fragment xml
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Compiling source files
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_8_proceso.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_8_proceso)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_5_calc_3.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_5_calc_3)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/Screen1.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.Screen1)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_4_calc_2.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_4_calc_2)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_10_diagonal.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_10_diagonal)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_7_tienda.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_7_tienda)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/triangle.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.triangle)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_6_dibu.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_6_dibu)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_9_facil.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_9_facil)
(compiling com/appybuilder/lunitsoft/cncfree/x_3_calc_1.yail to com.appybuilder.lunitsoft.cncfree.x_3_calc_1)
(compiling /tmp/runtime2547040076424945231.scm to com.google.youngandroid.runtime)
Kawa compile time: 50.578 seconds
________Invoking DX
DX time: 48.11 seconds
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 0.163 seconds
_______Invoking ApkBuilder to build: /tmp/1501827903210_0.3080434118993739-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/deploy/cncfree.ap
________Signing the apk file
YAIL compiler - jarsigner execution failed.


@Gustavo_LunitSoft_Lu Seems like the issue is related to below:
INFO: Component “com.puravidaapps.TaifunLight” does not have a broadcast receiver.


If you need to sign the app only try to use apk signer.
Apptomarket has issues with gold apps.


@Gustavo_LunitSoft_Lu you might want to download the light sensor extension again…

see also



Why the images on the gold platform are pixelated, the images do not look smooth, on the silver platform the images have smooth edges.


@Gustavo_LunitSoft_Lu Actually, the images on GOLD should look better. Do you have screenshot? Also, check the original image that you have and see if its pixelated.





In the small elements is more visible, and also very noticeable in the edges. Observe, the image that says “a+b+c”.


What is the solution?


I’m on mobile. The only difference that i see are the text boxes. Isn’t that true?


I think that with this image the differences can be better appreciated.

Column 1: Clipped images from the silver app.

Column 2: Clipped images from the app gold.


What are the image sizes and what is the screen resolution of your device?


Size of the images: 50 x 50 pixels on average.

Device resolution: 480x854.


@Gustavo_LunitSoft_Lu can you upload one those pictures here? @azaotl has pretty extensive knowledge about images. Any input @azaotl?


Screen shot of device with resolution of 720 x 1280 (Android 4.4.2… Banner Admob does not work, Interstitials Admob work well)

Images are not smooth.


Some original images (assets)


@Gustavo_LunitSoft_Lu is screen1 set to responsive?


I have tried with fixed and responsive. The result is the same.