ElementClick. A game to test tapping skills


10 K coins??? I’ve already nerfed the rewards and the upgrades cost’s.

I’m already working in a formula to adjust the video reward to the cost of the Basic Attacks upgrade cost. Also, I’m going to fix the coin counter by trimming it to 1 K, 1 M, 1 B coins when you reach the amount.

The 2nd level is already up if you haven’t updated the app yet. Thank you so much for testing the app to this extreme.


Updating the app now…


Love the pause button!

The HP can still go negative.


I think it may be to tough now…
I’m going to start from scratch to verify.


Bomb Damage needs to be adjusted:
Before Purchasing:
Damage = 50

After Purchasing:
Damage = 5


Thanks again for the testing!!

By tomorrow, the video rewards, quest rewards and some upgrades costs will be fixed. I hope to push the 3rd level too.


I’ve been busy today and haven’t had a chance to play it much since restarting.

It’s definitely much harder.


Sorry for the late response, it has been a lot of work with the game.

Thanks again for all the testing and bug findings. Almost every bug is fixed and the next update is in minutes to be published with the 3rd level and giving more coins from the ads.



Glad you bumped Medium to 40 coins.

Like the new enemy but i am not ready for them yet!

With the last 2 versions I never get Burn on enemies anymore when using Fire Damage.?.

Edit: or Freeze


I’m trying to make the early game a bit easier because by the next update im going to put the “endless mode” with rewards based on the monster slay counter.

The new monsters have resistances now, the 2nd level monsters have fire resistance, making them almost invulnerable to fire damage and invulnerable to “burn” status. The 3rd level monsters are immune to fire and burning, strong against water, but you can still get a chance to add time with the freeze effect.

Also, the status time has a counter of 3-5 seconds. When you burn an enemy, you are going to deal the burning damage for that amount of time, unless you get another burning proc. I lowered the status chance from the initial 5% to 1%, maybe that’s why you are not getting many procs.

Everything is still being adjusted, I’m just trying to hit that middle point of the game being not too hard, and dont making the upgrades too overpowered.

Thanks again for the feedback!!


This sounds like my experience.
I bought the both the first Burning/Freeze Chance upgrades and burn and freeze happen once in a while.
However once it shows Burn, it shows Burn until the enemy if defeated even though the Burn timer has ended.


Found a bug in latest version.
After watching reward video the app freezes.
This happened all 3 times i tried to get free coins:


I forgot to update the status change when the status timer was finished and realized when the update was already published.

I’m going to hard test the app for 2 or 3 days before I put the “endless mode” to patch the unbalanced stuff.

Did you get the reward regardless the app froze???


No, I didn’t get any coins.


that’s odd, In the companion is working and in other phone is working fine.


How did you increase the reward?
Is it a set value or are you doing some kind of calculation?


I do a calculation beforehand. If “cost of BA damage upgrade” X (.1) is less than 20, then reward 20 coins, else, reward “cost of BA damage upgrade” X (.1)


I think some adjustments need to be made.
I just bought Damage 4 and I can beat Strong Hills on easy but not medium.

My next upgrade will take me forever to earn enough coins to purchase:


Hi!! have you updated the game??

I introduced the endless mode with the coin reward according to the “Streak” * “Streak”, so if you get to the 40th level, you should get 1600 coins. I reached a 50 streak with 4 damage (2500 reward).

Because my plan is to make the “campaign” more difficult, I put the endless mode to get great rewards.

Thanks for still trying the game.