ElementClick. A game to test tapping skills


Hello Everyone. I made a game in which you have to tap the screen really fast to slay monsters. You can upgrade your weapon and even fuse it with the power of fire and water (earth and air coming soon). Burn your enemies to deal extra damage, or freeze them to get some extra time, if the time is running out, you can always use a bomb to complete the quest.

The game only has 1 level with 3 difficulties, but im working to expand the levels and the type of monsters you can encounter.

At the moment, you cant get free coins due to the rewarded video is pending to be aproved, but you still can fully enjoy the game and hit me with all your critiques and questions.

Here is the link to google play
ElementClick now in the playstore

Some screenshots of the game:

I hope you can try the game and give me some suggestions or bugs you could encounter.


It looks nice and the rewarded video works for me

After making a purchase, the value of the Coins has become negative, I believe there is a bug in the count


Well you are off to a great start!
Graphics are great and it’s fun to play!

Same thing happened to me.

I believe this is a typo:


Perfect. Thank you very much for trying the game and give me feedback. It will be fixed today.


Those damn sneaky typos!!! Ill be fixing those bugs. Thank you very much for trying the game and give me feedback. It is great to hear you like the game.


Sometimes the HP can go negative, I’m not 100% sure if this is related to fire damage but I believe it is:


Already with fire damage and burning??? Damn, you are a monster. I put the winning procedure in the image clicking event, didn’t think i should have put it in the “burning” event too. Thank you so much for the feedback. The previous mistakes are fixed and the actualization is in deployment.

I thanked you @Ken and @Marco2 in the patch notes. Hope you dont mind.


I am going to wait for the update to purchase Fire Damage 2:


I forgot to ask if this app was inspired by the clicker topics from @7heD3D?


I saw the posts but i was already working in this game.

At the pace you are playing I think I should be rushing to make the next level. I’m so thankful that you liked it this much.


I can’t beat Hard Level yet but I am hoping Fire Damage 2 will allow me to.

I’d love to see some kind of animation for the elemental damage.

Maybe give the monsters a name and use levels to indicate their difficulty?
Example: Easy = Level 1, Medium Level 2, Hard = Level 3


Sure, once the code is clean, I will be working in the “eye candy” features, improving graphics and put more kind of monsters (Resistance to some elements). I will work also in an “endless mode” wich you can get huge rewards the harder the monsters get.

The app complection projected is in about 2 or 3 months because I make the coding and the graphics.

Every suggestion is really apreciated




Is freeze supposed to pause the count down timer?


I can’t believe you already beat the hard level!!! Is the game too easy or you are really a pro??? I suppose I can deliver the next level in 1 or 2 days.

The Freeze is supposed to give a chance to add 1 second to the timer in the span of 5 seconds. I think im going to nerf some things if you are going at this pace.

Thank you so much for the passion and testing the limit of the game.


I can click really fast!
But I do think 400 coins may be to high of a reward:

Maybe 250 would be better for now?


I click so fast it almost pauses the timer.
I prefer Fire because I like the higher damage it deals.


Thank you so much for the suggestion. I put the reward of 400 because i thought you will be needing 2000-5000 upgrade costs to complete the difficulty


When you get over 10,000 coins there isn’t enough space for the number to fit:


At the stage I am at, watching a 30second reward video for 20 coins feels kinda silly. There needs to be some way to increase the reward as you progress.