EasyServerFile Extension


This extension will add a file server to your project just with the path of the folder where the files will be served






Price 20 USD


Andres Cotes


Great Extension …

I think I am going to need this extension in the near future…

Thanks Andres


this extention use only the local server or dynamic server


create a server on the phone that allows you to access your files from the browser


u can say to use local host
how it works.
please explain me


Andres, no entiendon porque, pero trato de responder tu pregunta y me sale un error al intentar enviar el mensaje…

Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

eso me sale…

lo siento, por lo visto no se utilizar bien el foro.


Los textos deben contener más de 20 letras


Looked excellent!!

I want to know , if I can use ftp or http get to download the files by client app ?

or have a demo aia for test ?

in fact , I need a ftp server or some file server extensions can be download or upload file by app not human