DynamicCompanion Extension



So I started playing around with an Extension for the DynamicComponent Extension.

I wanted to be able to set the text to bold, change the Height, Width, Margins.

This is what I created so far, check it out and let me know what you think.





com.kennicholsandroid.DynamicCompanion.aix (8.0 KB)
DynamicCompanion.aia (25.6 KB)

This is really just an addon Extension.
You need the DynamicComponent Extension for this to be of any use to you.
Found here:DynamicComponent Extension

I originally started creating this Extension for myself but I modified some of the code so others may get some use out of it.
I just whipped this up tonight and it’s my first build so it may contain some bugs.

Mark component with tag
[Extension] DynamicComponent extension

Nice work @Ken_Nichols :+1:


@Ken_Nichols, I have edited the title of your post, because it was DynamicCompanion. Now it’s ok…

BTW, good job!!!

EDIT: Is it really DynamicCompanion the name of your extension?


Yes, do you have a better name for it?


LOL no, I don’t. I was confused when I read for the first time…


may i create elkements in different position?

i mean, i’d like to make something similar

label textbox button
label textbox button
label textbox button

and to infinite

is it possible?


Unfortunately, the answer is no.
The DynamicComponent Extension adds the Components to an existing Arrangement it doesn’t create it’s own Arrangement.


so the “top margin” is not referred to the position in the arrangement, then…


It’s the margin between the top of the Component and the bottom of the Component above it.