DynamicCompanion Extension v2


There is no apk. Just download the aia from the top and compile it if you want to have a apk.


Awesome! But could you add a block to change the font maybe?


This can be added please PM me if you’re interested in sponsoring this feature.


How to use it with Images?


Not possible at this time


What would you like to do with the images?


Hello everyone, I’m making a small management with a particular implementation logic:
I import text files containing sql instructions for database management.
I build the table management interface directly from the “block editor” by reading the table structure contained in a sql table that tells me the information on how to create it.
I am managing to do this and in a very funny way, thanks above all to the two DynamiComponent and DynamicCompanion extensions.
This “experiment” will allow me to have no limits on the management of the block editor, which I had for another application of mine, and should allow me to work in a much more orderly and parameterized way.

Now the question comes: How can I set the “Fill parent” width in the DynamicCompanion?


Hello to the community,
I am also facing the fact of setting an image in a dynamically created button. I set a post some time before, but I realize that it is not possible for the moment. I wish to establish 8x8 buttons to set a chessboard, then to alter the relevant image in a specified button (row, col).
Thank you if you could do something more about that.



I am making an app to register my mensurations and to have a line chart with this informations. The problem i have is that I need to set the width of the buttons the same as the parent arrangement, but it’s seems to be impossible for the moment cause only numbers are accepted.

Is it possible to implement this or to by pass this to have a beautiful result please ?