DynamicCompanion Extension v2


Is there anyway to align text inside buttons?

Thank you sir!


Currently Padding is the only way to move the text.

What are you looking to accomplish?


Under listvalues i’m using < br > and I would like to see the text aligned to left ( TextAlignment using the design button).


This can be added please PM me if you’re interested in sponsoring this feature.


hi, i have this error…



Hard code the ID and see if it works


you mean this? same error



If you build the .apk do you get this?


no, the apk is downloaded without problems. to build the apk i just opened appybuilder and build the apk…with no companion and the last version of the blocks i posted


It works correctly from installed .apk?


If I create a TextBox with no text i get the error in the picture i sent


So? I cannot use blank text box?


I was unable to using the Dynamic Component Extension only.
If you are seeing the same issue as i did with compiled .apk then it’s a bug/limitation of the Dynamic Component Extension.


My suggestion would be to create a new project and add 1 Arrangement and the Dynamic Component Extension set to create a blank textbox.

If I am correct it will have the same issue.
At which point you can post it to the Dynamic Component Thread and Hossein will need to take a look into it.


FYI: I just tested using a single space character " " and it’s working and the space doesn’t show in textbox


Thanks very much I’ll try it


i putted in a space as in the image, i tried even with a " ", in listvalue but it always give the same error

maybe i’m making something wrong?


Remove the .SetSize block and try again.
If that doesn’t work, send me your .aia.


not working…sent aia


please…where is the apk file of dynamicCompanion v2???