Dynamic Components


This looks really interesting. I can see all sorts of applications! Have you gotten any feedback for version 1.0? Any plans to integrate this into the core feature set?


@Thomas_Leavitt this extension can be used to dynamically create abels, textbox, checkbox, radio buttons, etc. We ate thinking of an alternative solution for including dynamic components into core AppyBuilder :wink:


how create radiobutton with this extension?? @Hossein


@Adell_SE See the new President’s Quiz tutorial here:


If with this extension we could create many more types of objects dynamically, it would be a real revolution that would open many new possibilities.

I hope it will be so soon. =)



Hi. I like this extention! But i want more options :grin: one small, and a bigger one :yum:

  • to pass text align with HTML
  • to use “DynamicComponent1” as “of component” in any button (label etc) “set Button.property” block


I dont know how hard it is but it will be awesome if you include FontSize and FontBold configurations.

Good job. thanks


You can achieve this with html for now.


hi, is it possibile to use the “decoration” component on created textbox to set the boerder color?
it is not…is there some way to use the rounded shape for created textboxes?


hi, sorry for the question but Where do I enter the css code in the DynamicComponent ?


You can’t use css in a Label(aka TextView)

See here for allowed tags:


Can you please share the block for creating dynamic components.