Dynamic Components


Hello hAppy Builders, We are just showing a preview of one of the items that AppyBuilder is working on. Yes, its the Dynamic Component Generation! This is work in progress.

Feedback/ comments are welcomed:

Creating dynamic unlimited labels/buttons for displaying chat
I want to create real time posting

wow¡¡¡ This will be amazing and very usefull for projects with a lot of components or variable names on it¡¡

Great job¡¡


Hello AppyBuilders, implementing some additional features.
Now using ONE Block, you can create MIX of components (e.g. buttons, lables) and they’ll all have Clicks listener!


PERFECT. I was looking for something like this for a long time. This could be very handy if you want to list some images but you don’t know the length of the image list :slight_smile:


@habboubih we can even try to add same click blocks to those images. BTW did you know that you can use gallery viewer if your list size is unknown?


Oh yeah. I was just giving an example :slight_smile:

Thanks @Hossein


We will also try to add Checkbox into it. This will be great for creating SETTING screen. It’ll give you ability to mix multiple components using simple component


What components are currently supported?


Label, Button, Image


Polling for Community opinion:

What other components would make sense to create dynamically?
Currently, our work-in-progress component, provides ability to dynamically create the following:

  1. Label
  2. Button
  3. Checkbox

Other components?


I think textboxes and checkboxes are usefull when creating large forms…


@josejad Thanks for your input. We now have implemented dynamic generation of below using only 1-block! They can be mixed-and-match in anyway that is needed!

  1. Button
  2. Label
  3. TextBox
  4. CheckBox
  5. Image


Here is a video of what we currently have:

  1. Shuffling
  2. Changing Size
  3. Removing
  4. Addiing
  5. etc. etc.

HorizontalArrangementAddons extension

Great. Horizontal arrangements layout components will be useful.


great work!
it will be the best extension!!!
and when released?
cannot waite…


and i have one question,when create a dynamic compontent,could it return a value type of the component?then in the app will can change all settings for the new component……


@MiuMiu yes. There will be a block where it’ll return information about the component that was clicked. There will be limited settings eBay can be fine on each of the components.


We are targeting this weekend


Very much looking forward to…


It will be an extension or a component that we can select from the palette?