Dynamic Component Image Problem


I’m using dynamic component but when I create image with it it shows in apart of screen. The Image size is 1920x1080

I want to show it fill parent by width


@Hossein can you plaease help me out…??


Please show your relevant blocks


@Hossein Sorry for some reason appybuilder is not opening in my PC. I made same app with kodular Capture

please help me out


I said show your AppyBuilder blocks.
Also, what do you mean by below? Are you referring to online or offline version

Create a simple .aia to demo the issue and attach


online version. Its loding from the last 15 miniute


try app.appybuilder.com



and one more question is the extention not compatable with othor platforms ?


It is working well in my smaller screen size device but not in the bigger one…


Then something with your caching. Try different browser and see if notice any difference OR clear cache


Try this, put 360 px wide image and see what happens



@Souvik_Bera what’s the point giving you advice when you rarely report back, your issue is probably oversized images.



Sorry @Boban_Stojmenovic for that,The problem was solved,and I was not active in community,Thats why I was unable to give you reply.