Dynamic Bar Chart - Line Chart



Someone wants this …?
is not easy for me to decide to give this code for free, so I motivate you to send me some cents.

I’m not a Java programmer, that’s why I do not do extensions, I really hate java, but I have a lot of experience with javascript, Php and many other languages …

for this project I use the fantastic Chartjs

See video

I’m going to upload the AIA file in a few hours

@CarlosPedroza27 @Taifun @Andres_Cotes @Manny

Dynamic Button Bar -- Javascript Html Css

You can use it for offline applications Enjoy it

charts.aia (47.5 KB)


Thank you! It will be very useful to me.


Thanks for your contribution, I was thinking about not doing more code, but this motivates me to continue sharing.



Keep developing, do not stop! Next time I’ll contribute more.


Thank you
your application has helped me a lot.
it is simple and effective.