Dx excution failed


Anyone can help me how to solve this problem


@DANISHIQ Please check with @Andres_Cotes on error below:

INFO: Component “co.com.dendritas.Snackbar” does not have a broadcast receiver.


how to solve this please give me idea


my guess is, probably your virus scanner tried to repair @Andres_Cotes’ extension?
that’s not a good idea to try to repair an extension, because then it will not work anymore…
you might want to choose a better virus scanner, which does not report App Inventor extensions as false positives…
see also

try to download the extension again, import it into your project and then try to build the project again…


Appy Builder .apk compiling error
What is The proble,
Error while building: Component “co.com.dendritas.AnimationColor” does not have a broadcast receiver