DrawPolygon bug?


Everytime the DrawPolygon block is executed, it clears the canvas.
In other words, if you draw something with the other blocks and you execute the DrawPolygon block, the canvas gets erased and only the polygon shows.

I think that shouldn’t happen. Was it designed like that?




@Italo See example below, it’s not clearing canvas:


Here is the .aia that was used for blog:
CanvasAndPoly.aia (65.7 KB)


This is how the blocks look when i open the aia. Don’t know what happened.


Maybe I uploaded the wrong one :slight_smile: Checking


Thanks for catching the @Peter I uploaded correct version and fixed the link


mmmmmmmmmmmm, this one isn’t complete either. No polygon blocks and an empty socket.


:smile: Thanks for catching it AGAIN :slight_smile: Fixed, updated url


Now it works. I can see what @Italo means. If i draw a circle on the canvas.

image say like this with a do it and then use the slider to changes the number of sides the canvas is cleared before the polygon is drawn.



Yes, that is because it has to basically redraw the canvas.
I can check with devs to see if there is workaround


Thanks. I knew it was too good to be true. JK :grin: