DrawingCanvas Extension



I am working on a new Extension that offers many improvements over the Canvas Component.
I am calling it DrawingCanvas because it’s geared toward drawing and art creation and won’t be suitable for Game Development.

In the following video you’ll notice that the drawing is much smoother than the Canvas Component:
Smoother Drawing:

I’m not much of an artist but you get the idea…

ColoringBookFill and Zoom

Drawing with Texture:


@italo and me are betatesting and it is a really great extension. It won’t be free but it is really powerful. Anybody already interested in this extension?


Some examples of pictures made with this extension:


What’ s a fill color game?


No, it’s an extension to use a canvas with more drawing oriented tools.


You could for instance make a coloring book/app with it. Or a coloring game, where, when you are ready, there would be a check to see if you have colored every part in the right color.


@Ken we can’ wait fot it.Release an apk to try iy…


Can you give me a link


What link? There is no extension yet avalaible.


What you can do with the extension? I made a sample app in which you can turn what you draw on the screen into an svg image. In this case i was thinking about turning your signature in to an svg.

I used an extension from Jerin Jacob for the menu.


On the screen it looks like this

This is how the svg looks

This is part of the svg code.

I could have used the standard canvas, but that was never made for this kind of work. It was made to demonstrate what you could do with drawing on the screen but not to be as powerful like DrawingCanvas. The speed and smoothness of the drawing is the greatest advantage.

Thanks to @Ken for cleaning op some of my blockcode. :wink:

Interested in the blockcode?

Still working on the app so blocks will change. :sunglasses:

Edit: Added the ability to save also as png with transparent background.


Next to a coloring book
For instance made of mandalas

You could also make a coloring book with something extra like below. First finish the drawing and then color it.

Lots of possibilities.


Was the extension released ?


No, it hasn’t been released yet.


is there a way i could beta test it ?
does this also has collsion detection ?


No, it is designed specifically for drawing, it doesn’t have sprites or collision detection.