DrawerArrangement Extension (Paid)


This extension allows you to add a drawer arrangement where you can put the custom elements that you need






Genial! tienes algun apk demo para probarlo?


Nice extension :slight_smile: Price?


The price is 5 USD…


Thanks. Soon i will buy it :slight_smile:


an example sent to us from Peru


I am interested in this extension. I have a question. Can I make the sidebar to appear by swiping to the right? And can I close the sidebar by swiping to the left?


yes , with this extension you can create your design from the design panel I send a simple example along with the extension


Here is one more Direct Example from Brazil …


felicitaciones excelente trabajo


Looks Great.!!!

Felicitaciones, Muy Buen Trabajo…


Is this app already available to be downloaded?


Hi Andres,

I think you should add this to your paid version of Sidebar v2 :wink: This is really nice and I could really need this but I also need the regular sidebar elements - therefor it would be awesome if you combine the two extensions to one big :slight_smile:

best, Chris


With these extensions you can build your own design


Hey sir i want to buy this extension but how can i contact you.
Please reply on WhatsApp.
Please i want to buy.


I see but why would I need the Sidebar V2 extension if I can create the same and much more possibilities with this one? :thinking: I think this could become one big and the best sidebar extension if you combine the two but it’s just an idea :wink:


not all users are at the same level of knowledge of development of their app the different versions allow adjustment to the project they are building, that’s why there are different free, paid and customized extensions of the sidebar


I have a problem with the extensión, when i create the drawer menu the float buttons are desactivated, when i click over them, they don’t do anything. HELP.

Solution: The FAB button extensions available in thunkable do not work with this extension, you must also buy his FAB extension.


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