DrawerArrangement Extension (Paid)


5 usd or more


You’ll come back to me I’d buy



Is this extension will work with listview or will freeze like Sidebar V2


hello you can describe a little which is the error that you mention and some screenshots


I dont use this extnstion buy i was testing with Sidebar V2 and when i use Sidebar V2 together with listview the app is freezing. So i wonder is this extenstion will work fine if i use listview component in my app


You can show blocks…


קניתי אתה יכול לשלוח לי את התוסף


Regarding financials, please PM each other


אני כבר שילמתי …


תודה, אבל אפשר aia?


can i get it in free


No? Someone spent their time on this extension and some people have bought it themselves. It is a) unfair to someone who spent their money b) it’s really unkind just taking someone’s extension for free.


When a clickon the slide bar is clicked, Unfortunately stop shows this text. I used the Material Icon ttf & Roboto Medium ttf file. How to solve this problem now? Please, Help Me :sob::cry:


show blocks please…



put finish after all methos


I can not publish this APP due to this problem.:sob::tired_face:


@Andres_Cotes How to solve this problem now?


you should check what components you have inside that causes you the error