Download Page In App


i want to add a page in my app in which it will show download progress and save downloaded data in app. please help me any.


Stop using other users name in the first post of a new topic. I removed them. Just wait for help. Otherwise other users are less willing to help you. At least i won’t help you if you do that.


oh ok sorry for that i just needed help now and i dont want to create this topic to long for days.thats why i added user names so experts can help me.


The community is for users helping users, not just for experts helping users. And please be patient. If you need help now, you started probably to late or you are in mortal danger. And i guess you are not. :sunglasses:



Try using the Extended WEB viewer extension. It will help you Download files but you have to do something creative maybe to show the Progress bar :smiley:

Since I am not an expert :rofl: I can only say to try doing it :rofl:


bro i think using label we can make progressbar but i need only how to add download page in app in this page all downloaded data will appear in app.


i think it needs int, byte, long,while its too hard to make downloading progressbar and download page thats why i m asking for experts.
look at this anyone will it work?etf


I totally agree with @Peter. If you need urgent help, you could offer that you would pay someone to assist you. Otherwise, just wait. If anyone knows, they’ll respond to post


I think you can use Tiny DB to Store the name of The Downloaded Files and then Show it later !


i know about this component but how can i use this? can u explain please?


If you would have searched the forum you would have come across this.


yep i viewed all pixxi tutorials on youtube i will use her logic and then i will show you result :smile:


Hello, I am Also Trying To Do The Same Thing …But I Couldn’t… If You Have Found Any Solution Please Help Me…

Thanks In Advance


i got no solution now may be its not available in appybuilder